Dear Customer,


PocketBook expresses great appreciation for your choice. We guarantee high quality and reliable performance of our products subject to observance of the rules of operation you can find in the user manual.


Please note that the warranty obligations are country-specific.


PocketBook does not provide a global (worldwide) warranty. PocketBook warranty obligations are local and may differ depending on the country where the device was purchased.


The warranty obligations established by PocketBook for a certain country apply only to the devices that are intended by PocketBook for sale in this country, purchased in this country, and have passed certification or similar procedures for compliance with the standards of this country.


General Warranty Terms


PocketBook will, at its discretion, repair or replace the device or its defective parts subject to this Warranty Terms. PocketBook may replace the defective parts with new or refurbished parts or devices equivalent to new parts in both functionality and performance.


All replaced parts and devices shall become the property of PocketBook.


This Warranty Terms apply to any repair or replacement of the device’s parts for the remainder of the original warranty period or for 3 months from the date of return of the device from the service, whichever period is longer.


Before claiming PocketBook product as defective and visiting the authorised service centre, please get in touch with our call centre or the authorised service centre in your country. For the contact details of a call-centre and authorised service centres, please visit the official PocketBook international website at www.pocketbook.ch and find the “Support” section for your country.

在宣称PocketBook产品有缺陷并访问授权服务中心之前,请首先与我们的呼叫中心或您所在国家/地区的授权服务中心联系。有关呼叫中心和授权服务中心的详细联系信息,请访问PocketBook的官方国际网站 www.pocketbook.ch,并查找您所在国家/地区的“支持”部分的内容。

This warranty does not cover transport costs and risks associated with the transport of your device to and from the authorised service centre unless otherwise provided for by the local law.


You may send the device to the service centre from the country/region where PocketBook has an authorised service centre. If you are in the country/region where PocketBook does not have an authorised service centre, you shall deliver a device to the proper service centre by your own efforts and at your own costs. PocketBook cannot assist you and is not liable for cross-border delivery of the device to the authorised service centre and applicable custom clearances due to such delivery.


Please be advised you will have to pay for diagnostics procedure if an authorised service centre discovers the following:


  • after the diagnostics, it is revealed that the repair is not covered by the Warranty Terms(in out-of-warranty cases).
  • the device operates properly, and no defects or malfunctions are revealed.
  • the user refuses to obtain the warranty service.




Please be advised that the diagnostics price varies among service centres and is not set or determined by PocketBook.


Only the persons authorised by PocketBook may provide repairs or services. The contacts of the authorised service centres are listed at www.pocketbook.ch in the “Support” section for your country. Any opening of the device, any repair of the device, or any other interference with the operation of the device is considered as a third-party intervention and will result in a denial of warranty service.


Please back up all important data and delete all confidential or personal information before the application to the service centre.


Product’s warranty period and product’s service life


The warranty period for PocketBook devices lasts 24 months from the date of purchase of the device but not more than 30 months from the date of manufacturing the device. The service life of PocketBook devices lasts 36 months from the date of purchase of the device but not more than 42 months from the date of manufacturing the device.

PocketBook 设备的保修期为自购买设备之日起 24 个月,并且不超过自设备制造之日起 30 个月。PocketBook 设备的使用寿命为自设备购买之日起 36 个月,并且不超过自设备制造之日起 42 个月。

The warranty period for batteries lasts 6 months from the date of manufacturing the device or from the date of replacement of the battery. The service life of the battery lasts 6 months.

电池的保修期为自设备制造之日或更换电池之日起 6 个月。电池的使用寿命为 6 个月。

The performance of batteries made using Li-ion technology depends on the number of charge-discharge cycles, the conditions of use (temperature, current), and the duration of storage. Li-ion batteries typically maintain a limited number of charge-discharge cycles, and with each charge-discharge cycle, the battery capacity decreases. Therefore, reducing the operating time of the device from the battery during operation is a normal process due to natural wear and tear.


The warranty period for PocketBook accessories lasts 6 months from the purchase date. The service life of PocketBook accessories lasts 6 months from the purchase date.

PocketBook 配件的保修期为自购买之日起6个月。PocketBook配件的使用寿命为自购买之日起6个月。

Covers or sleeves for devices perform a protective function; however, they cannot wholly prevent possible damage from various mechanical influences, drops, shocks, pressure, kinks, bends, etc.


To determine the remaining warranty period, the PocketBook service centre shall check the period that had lasted since the device’s production date in the Pocketbook devices database.


Where such period exceeds 24 months, the PocketBook service centre shall determine the first day of the warranty period from the date of purchase indicated in the document provided by a consumer that confirms the purchase: cash register receipt (sales receipt, delivery note) or other document confirming the purchase, which must contain the date of purchase, model title, serial number, and the signature and stamp of the seller.


If a consumer has not provided any of the documents confirming the purchase, or the provided documents contain incomplete or inaccurate information, the commencement of the warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture of the device, which is printed on the retail packaging of the device and encrypted in the serial number of the device as well.


If the warranty period commencing from the date of manufacture of the device is expired, PocketBook is entitled to refuse the warranty service provision.

如果自设备制造之日起计算的保修期已过,PocketBook 有权拒绝提供保修服务。

PocketBook is entitled not to perform out-of-warranty or post-warranty service for devices whose service life period is expired. The service may be provided for devices whose service life period is expired if the service centre is technically able to do so.


Limitations and exclusions


PocketBook is not liable for damage in excess of the cost of purchasing the device, as well as for any loss of the possibility of operation, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, loss of profit or savings, other incidental, special or indirect losses, penalties or legal costs arising out of a malfunction or inability to use the device.


This limited warranty does not cover and apply to the following:


1. Cables, adapters and accessories that come with the device.

1. 设备随附的线缆、适配器和附件。

2. Natural wear or cosmetic defects (scuffs, scratches, stains, staining or abrasion of surfaces or special coatings, dents, chips, the effects of exposure to any chemicals, medical or cosmetic products, etc).

2. 自然磨损或外观缺陷(磨损、划痕、污渍、表面或特殊涂层的着色或磨损、凹痕、碎屑、接触任何化学品、医疗或化妆品产品等的影响)。

3. Integrity and recovery of data, settings, user profiles, files or programs.

3. 数据、设置、用户配置文件、文件或程序的完整性和恢复。

4. Damages due to connecting the device to non-compatible ports, connectors or power sources, as well as due to voltage drops, etc.

4. 由于设备连接到不兼容的端口、连接器或电源,以及由于电压下降等造成的损坏。

5. Defects due to third-party intervention (repair, installation and/or replacement of device components or software, as well as the actions of malware or viruses).

5. 由于第三方干预(设备组件或软件的修复、安装和/或更换,以及恶意软件或病毒的运行)导致的缺陷。

6. Damage and defects due to violation of the operating rules described in the user manual, as well as due to improper or inappropriate use of the device.

6. 因违反用户手册中所述的操作规则,以及因使用不当而造成的损坏和缺陷。

7. Damage and defects due to the use of the device in conjunction with non-original accessories or any other third-party products.

7. 因设备与非原厂配件或任何其他第三方产品混用而造成的损坏和缺陷。

8. Damage and defects due to the penetration of any liquids into the device case or immersion of the device in a liquid.*

8. 由于任何液体渗入设备外壳或设备浸入液体中而造成的损坏和缺陷。 *

* Some device models correspond to a certain class of moisture protection. For more information on the moisture protection of your device, see the user manual for your model or the description of your device at www.pocketbook.chin the “Support” section for the country where the device was purchased.

* 某些设备型号对应于特定的防潮等级。有关设备防潮的更多信息,请参阅您的机器型号的用户手册或 www.pocketbook.ch in 上列出的购买设备所在国家/地区的“支持”部分的设备说明。

9. Mechanical damage, including hidden damage due to exposure to third-party substances and objects, as well as due to a fall or any other mechanical impact (e.g., damage to the screen, card reader slot, ports or connectors of the device, as well as its case elements, etc.).

9. 机械损坏,包括因暴露于第三方物质和物体,以及由于跌落或任何其他机械撞击造成的损坏(例如,设备屏幕、读卡器插槽、端口或连接器的损坏,以及它的机箱元件等)。

10. Gradations and heterogeneous shades of grey in the images on the display, which is a feature of all screens based on electronic inks technology (E-Ink) and is not a defect.

10. 显示器上图像的灰度和不均匀的灰度,这是所有基于电子墨水技术(E-Ink)的屏幕的特征,不是缺陷。

11. Cases when the number of "dead" pixels (black or luminous dots) on the device’s screen does not exceed five.

11. 设备屏幕上“坏点”像素(黑点或发光点)的数量不超过五个的情况。

12. The appearance of highlighted areas on the device's screen, which are visible at different angles when the backlight is on. This is due to the features of the manufacturing technology of the backlight and is not a defect in the device.

12. 设备屏幕上出现高亮区域,在背光打开时可在不同角度可见。这是背光源制造工艺的特点造成的,并非设备缺陷。

13. The difference in the shades of light on the device's screen when the backlight is on. This is a characteristic feature of the LED manufacturing process, which is not an indicator of poor quality of the device or deviation from the declared specifications.

13. 背光灯开启时设备屏幕上的光影差异。这是 LED 制造工艺的一个特性,并不是设备质量差或偏离声明规格的指标。

14. The presence of shadows and areas of differing brightness at the bottom of the device’s screen when the backlight is on.

14. 背光开启时,设备屏幕底部出现阴影和不同亮度的区域。

15. Cases of individual intolerance, irritation, allergic and other reactions of the body to the device/accessory, its case elements, internal components, coatings, or odours.

15. 个人对设备/附件、其外壳元件、内部组件、涂层或气味的不耐受、刺激反应、过敏反应和其他反应的情况。

Software Warranty Limitation


The software ("firmware") of the device is supplied "as is". PocketBook does not guarantee the proper quality, performance and functionality of third-party software or its compatibility with PocketBook software. PocketBook provides no guarantee that the software does not contain errors or bugs. PocketBook does not guarantee the compatibility of the hardware and software products of the device with hardware and software that is not part of the device, except as specified in the user manual. PocketBook does not guarantee the suitability of the software for a user-defined purpose, nor does it guarantee that the software will meet the personal requirements and expectations of the user or analogues and standards that are not described in the accompanying documentation or on the PocketBook website.

设备的软件(“固件”)应“按原样”提供。PocketBook不保证第三方软件的正确质量、性能和功能或其与 PocketBook 软件的兼容性。PocketBook 不保证软件中不包含错误或缺陷。PocketBook 不保证设备的硬件和软件产品与不属于设备的硬件和软件的兼容性,除非用户手册中另有规定的情况。PocketBook不保证该软件适用于用户定义的目的,也不保证该软件将满足用户的个人要求和期望,以及在随附文档或 PocketBook 网站上未描述的类似项目和标准。

PocketBook does not guarantee the proper operation of the software with incorrect or damaged files and is not responsible and liable for the correct operation of third-party files.


PocketBook may, at its own discretion, during the service life of the devices periodically improve and modify the software ("firmware") of the device and from time to time release new versions of the software ("firmware"). To achieve the best user experience with the device, PocketBook strongly recommends using the latest versions of the software ("firmware") available for updating via Wi-Fi or on the company's websitein the “Support” section for your country.

PocketBook可自行决定在设备的使用寿命期间定期改进和修改设备的软件(“固件”),并不时发布新版本的软件(“固件”)。为了获得最佳的设备用户体验,PocketBook 强烈建议您使用最新版本的软件(“固件”)。用户可通过 Wi-Fi 或您所在国家/地区的公司网站中的“支持”部分进行更新。

PocketBook has the right, at its own discretion, to decide on the installation (reinstallation) and update of the software ("firmware") of the device in the process of warranty and post-warranty service. For most cases of service and repair of the device, installation (reinstallation) or update of software ("firmware") is an obligatory and necessary stage and an integral part of the technological process of service and repair of the device and further diagnostics.


PocketBook and the service centre cannot guarantee further correct operation of the device when using earlier versions of software ("firmware") and are not responsible for the correct operation of the device in case of using earlier versions of software ("firmware"). The user's refusal to install (reinstall) or update the software (“firmware”) of the device is considered as the user's refusal of warranty service for the device.


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